Our goal is to create a non-conventional support system for males where we will encourage men to form new and profound relationships creating a stronger sense of acceptance, through physical events they can become a part of in their local communities. As well as encouraging men to drop the stigma surrounding mental Illness; providing a safe, judgement free zone where men can speak more freely about the Mental Health issues that may affect them should they wish to share their experiences?

The concept behind ‘The Boys day Out’ is an active social event that will be run on a monthly basis, bringing together men from all walks of life, eliminating social barriers (i.e. cultural diversity, race, sexual orientation, religion) and working towards the common goal of raising awareness for Mental illness, while destroying the stigma that surrounds it. We will also strive to form part of a larger community that has focused support and tools to practically assist men in this area, thus creating a sense of belonging, acceptance and support among our event participants.

A Healthy lifestyle and Physical activity is paramount in the prevention and fight against depression, therefore the focus for each event will not only be to create supportive healthy relationships but to also choose activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

“The Boys days out”, brings with it a new element to the traditional ‘boys get together’ but more importantly creates A CHANCE FOR CHANGE for the men in our community who suffer in silence and the families that are left to navigate alone with out adequate support for depression in men.