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By August 15, 2015 No Comments
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ACFC advocates for the prevention of depression with a focus on male communities. We believe collaboration and social connection are the core drivers of change.

ACFC aims to break down the stigma associated with depression, particularly in the male demographic. ACFC raises awareness and funds to support The ‘Boys Day Out’ and established not for profit organisations in their mission to educate for the cultural shift required to have an aware and stigma free Australia.

ACFC’s core value is that with the right support and information we can all be the key to change.

ACFC’s mission is supported by our monthly ‘Boys Day Out’ events. Founded on the core value that illness prevention is an undeniably better option than cure, The ‘Boys Day Out’ events encourage connection and compassion amongst participants to help tackle depression before it strikes.

The ‘Boys Day Out’ is an active monthly social event that brings together men from all walks of life. The events aim to create a culture of acceptance and tolerance, providing a nonconventional social support system for males.

The events encourage men to form new and profound connections and relationships creating a stronger sense of community. The ‘Boys Day Out’ events provide safe, judgement free zones where Men can speak more freely about the mental health issues that may affect them.

ACFC co-founders Ivan Mardones and Sam Weick believe a healthy lifestyle and physical activity is paramount in the prevention of depression, as such the focus for each event will not only be to create supportive healthy relationships but to engage in activities that promote mind and body health.

ACFC engages its members in working towards the common goal of raising awareness of depression and prevention initiatives. The ‘Boys Day Out’ events connect likeminded and dedicated men, forming a community of support and creating a sense of belonging and connection among event participants.